Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Welcome to Mordheim...

Morning chaps, This is going to be my Blog on my upcomming project which will be a mordheim port.

Im doing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award at the moment. For all those who dont know what The DofE award is I'll explain; It is made up of Four parts (5 for Gold). Community, Physical, Expedition and Skill (The 5th is like an extended community). In each section you must set out to achieve one or several goals that take a minimum of 6-12 month to complete. For Community I am a Beaver scout leader, Physical I do Tai Quan Do, we are doing two expeditions in the Summer and finaly for Skill I was left with a dead end. I've done warhammer painting and modeling for the past two awards and have to do something differant for the final one. So I had a think and decided because of my love of mordheim I am going to create a Mordheim board and scenery

Onto the planning; I was going to plan It out myself but I found an amaizing plan on the internet on Toms Boring Mordheim Forum and decided to use that.

Again, This is not mine, the google skech up is mine.

 So I think thats it or now. Cheers for reading and I'll get some images of my first small piece of scenery up soon and possibly a sketch up of a tavern thing.